New Beginnings

Just over 10 years ago I left my position as a Director for a clothing company in London to start a family and embrace a new beginning. Two beautiful boys arrived and happiness filled my heart. We left London behind to move to Bristol and I started a new life designing and building Tree Houses ( – but I was not done with fashion. I had a burning ambition to create something new in the clothing world. With a young family and what has seemed over the last 10 years a world in chaos. I realised the passion burning inside of me was to use those almost two decades of experience within the industry to make a difference.

Affliated with Ecologi. We believe that if people work together, they can do amazing things. That’s the spirit of collective action in a nutshell, and we see it happening every day.
Even before you have bought a garment from us we have invested in carbon offsetting, or carbon capture. As a customer you can be assured we have taken action before you even come to the website. Add to this, for every product you purchase a tree will be planted. No additonal cost, it is automatic.

We will continue to act postively for a better more sustainable future – looking to improve what we do and work with others who share our principles. Together we can make a difference.

For this first collection we have focused on Organic Cotton (GOTS certified) – The GOTS certificate represents sustainable, socially responsible and fairly produced fabrics. Sourced from a certified fabric mill in Sri Lanka.
Our factory who we have worked with over the last 2 years has now gained GOTS certification as well. Though the production of this first collection was not under approved GOTS certification. We worked with the factory at the time of developing to gain the certification for future production. This is an example of our commitment to progress and improvement.

We are a proud member of Tech Zero joining forces to combat the climate crisis. An action group for tech companies of all sizes committed to fighting the climate crisis. We believe that by joining forces, we can make faster progress to net zero.
Our goal is to minimise the impact of clothes manufacturing on the environment and create conscious clothing that has net zero carbon emissions. We are NOT net zero yet – we are working hard to set our net zero goal in the next 12 months. There will be more on this as we progress on our journey as a conscious company. You can see our updated published figure on this site and track our progress as we work with Tech Zero towards the a better future for all.

Carbon conscious clothing has, and always will work, to ensure the details are responsible as well. All our trims (labels, cord, zips threads) are either organic, recylced or both. Our garment bags are compostible, shipment bags to customer as well. Add to all this our swing tags are made by ECOMAXIMUS in Sri Lanka. Eco maximus make card out of elephant poo and print with organic inks. They have won numerous innovative and environmental awards. A sustainable card that helps with the protection of native elephants in Sri Lanka.

Ethy have been a great help in advising and challenging us, as we have formed. To have such a knowledgeable and ethicaly minded partner is of great help. It will mean we are continualy monitored, challenged and supported in our quest. You can download the app and shop knowing you are visiting verified brands, who are making a difference.

Ethical practices and commitent to progress:

Paramount to all that we do at Carbon Conscious Clothing is to ensure we are ethical. Working with the above partners means we have support and exterior guidelines to work to. This means we expect high standards from our factory in supporting a safe and ethical work place. This will be developed as we become able to invest further in the infrastructure.
We have a commitment as we go forward to continue to offer support and improvement. It is important to ensure there is a commitment to all those in the business to feel part of a process that is looking to a better future for all. This is, and will be no easy task. Without the diligent work of all involved in the business we cannot succeed. Progress is for everyone. This is the core of the ethical standard we hold as a business. We can and will always push to do better.

Community and a shared experience:

A sense of belonging in the world is so important. Carbon Conscious Clothing does not want customers, or workers – we want a community. A community that has a shared view to improve what is around us, and together we can do that. A shared experience means we all bring our own unique view of the process that is happening around us and too us, together to work for a common interest. We seek feedback, communication and creative thought, from all those around us – through your experiences and thoughts we can continue to improve and create a brand that has our community at the core of the business.

Please contact us on

Invest, innovation and improvement:

Here lies the future of the business and the bigger picture. taking that acorn of an idea in the first instance nurturing it into a mature oak that can stand strong for centuries, bearing more acorns to grow a forest of sustainabilty around it and inspire the future.

Of course to invest we hope you all come with us on the journey. A minimum of 10% of profit will go into sustainable projects through ecologi and other community projects both in the UK and overseas. Though so much more will go back into the business to improve, innovate and grow.

Some of key the projects currently being worked on:

    • A recycle scheme. Instead of discarding off old ‘Carbon Conscious Clothing’ items we want you to return them so we can recycle, repurpose or rehome. This circular process will reduce waste within the system. In return for your thoughtful act of kindness to the planet, you will receive a voucher for money off your next purchase.

    • Customer lead design. Those customers signed up with us will receive a design pack. This will allow for input on future design ideas, colour ideas and other creative input. Asking you what you want we hope will mean better product for you, and bring us together more as community. Even inspire the next generation of design talent!

    • Fabric innovation and sourcing. To grow our product base and fabric offering we will scour for the best sustainable fabrics and bring them to you. We will only use if we feel the fabric stands up to the standards and passes the tests governed by the partners above.

    • Kids wear – providing an offering for the young eco warriors and environmentalists amongst us. It is their future we are working for, and we want to inspire them with sustainable clothes.

    • A community inspired project base. That is to say, a website recommendation and voting system for projects/iniatives recommend by and voted on by all of you in the Carbon Conscious Community,

Together we can make a difference. As Carbon Conscious Clothing